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Booking a Canada Minicab can be very easy, when you use CabsPoint's Taxi / Cab booking app. CabsPoint is not only a Canada Minicab service provider, but also intstant taxi quotes generator and taxi cab fare comparison system.
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Green driving saves both money and the environment!

Whether you’re just starting out or have been behind the wheel of a cab for decades, taxi drivers everywhere are becoming increasingly aware of the need to be eco-friendly. It’s impossible not to be conscious of the fact that this line of business isn’t a typically sustainable one and it’s true that countless trips in a car each day don’t do your carbon footprint any favours.

Environmentally friendly car rental Canada

With worries about climate change and its impacts on the environment ever-growing, it’s important for everybody to do their bit. But where other industries have already made some steady progress towards cutting emissions, transport pollution has barely fallen in comparison to the pollution produced by other sectors. In fact, there’s only been a two per cent decrease in transport pollution over the last three decades. Taxi drivers, firms and the wider industry have some catching up to do. The industry is responding, though, with the environment becoming a much bigger focus in decisions made by both individual drivers and companies in the last few years. For instance, Uber told its London drivers they must use hybrid or fully electric cars by 2020, in a bid to reduce their contribution to air pollution in the capital. Plus, there’s a good chance that lower carbon initiatives, which are largely voluntary at the moment, will become legal requirements in the future. That’s especially true as pressure on the Department for Transport is on the increase. It’s a sensible idea to stay one step ahead and start taking action now. Otherwise, you risk missing the green wave that’s sweeping the sector and getting left behind.


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